Monday, July 20, 2009

We love Giovanna Battaglia !

L'UOMO Vogue editor with the super chic style, elegance but withour boring. She always mix any pieces together perfectly (vintage until Prada, Chanel) that enough to make me love her !

Choose your eyes.

Renew your eyes with the bottons from Coraline movie !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big shoulder, Big influence, Big price!

After Carine's glam rock style was fever in fashion system since summer(look at Balmain, Pucci, Rock&Republic)Like it still hot in this fall/winter so it can be new choice for you to dress up your style. One question How about your money ?
Peak-shouldered leather jacket
£8,552 Balmain
Quilted leather skirt
£5,691 Balmain
Studded leather jacket
£3,179 Balmain
Studded mini skirt
Was £6,699
Now £4,689 30% OFF Balmain
Military-style denim jacket
Was £4,347
Now £3,043 30% OFF Balmain
Embroidered leather waistcoat
Was £4,161
Now £2,913 30% OFF Balmain
Embroidered mini dress
Was £9,624
Now £6,737 30% OFF Balmain
Suede buckled ankle boots
more detail,

Sweet Marine !

Perhaps on this summer it's a good way to trip to the beach with your darling. But if you don't know how you dress up. I have many choices for you. Just ask D&D, JPG. Whatever don't forget lot of money for pay you trip. Enjoy ! (Ps.If someone still lonely in the trip just call me !)

La Roux

I proud to present "In for the Kill" the new single from La Roux brand."In for the Kill" is the second single by south London duo La Roux. It was release on March 16, 2009 and has so far peaked inside the top ten in the UK. The song is heavily influenced by the title theme of the 80's cartoon classic "Pole Position". If you ask for How hot ? Just ask Karl Legerfeld !

"In for the Kill" La Roux

Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009-2019